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                      Today, mobiles applications industry is a fast growing one, this growth is coming in-phase with the advancement in the mobile handset and its operating systems,

Google have released Android platform to be on of the most popular and easy used mobile phones OS., meanwhile many tablets and tablets PC now running android around the world processing business , social and entertainment applications

since we believe that mobile and handheld devices applications will grow more and more in the coming few years  we are offering this training packages in tow levels (Basic and Advanced), which will form the principle knowledge and techniques to start developing your own applications

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Table of Contents

1. What is Android?
1.1. Android Operation System
1.2. Google Play (Android Market)
1.3. Security and permissions

2. Basic Android User Interface components
2.1. Activity
2.2. Fragments
2.3. Views and ViewGroups
2.4. Activities, Fragments and Views

3. Other Android components
3.1. Intents
3.2. Services
3.3. ContentProvider
3.4. BroadcastReceiver
3.5. (HomeScreen) Widgets

4. Android Development Tools
4.1. Android SDK
4.2. Android Development Tools
4.3. Dalvik Virtual Machine
4.4. How to develop Android Applications
4.5. Resource editors

5. Android Application Architecture
5.1. AndroidManifest.xml
5.2. Activities and Lifecycle
5.3. Configuration Change
5.4. Context

6. Resources
6.1. Resources
6.2. Assets
6.3. Defining IDs

7. Using Resources
7.1. Reference to resources in code
7.2. Reference to resources in XML files
7.3. Activities and Layouts

8. Installation
8.1. Options
8.2. Standalone ADT installation

9. Android virtual device - Emulator
9.1. What is the Android Emulator?
9.2. Emulator Shortcuts
9.3. Parameter



Table of Contents

1- File I/O
1.1 working with random files
1.2 Read file
1.3 Write files

2- Location APIs
2.1 GPS interfacing
2.2 Google Maps

3- Dealing with Camera
3.1 camera controls
3.2 Taking photos

4- Audio interfaces
4.1 audio Playback
4.2 audio recording

5- Calls and SMS
5.1 send SMS
5.2 Make a call
5.3 read calls log

6- working with webservices
6.1 webservices overview
6.2 we services archticting
6.3 webservices and active scripting
6.4 webservices & databases
6.5 android & webservices

7- Google play and application publishing
7.1 how to package your applications
7.2 how to publish your application
















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