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   Hohex Technologies is not limited to provide solutions and product but with our expertise and academic staff we are in the position to offer a unique and centre of excellence to electronics , telecommunications and computer sciences students to successfully complete and implement their academic and graduation projects

with wide range of technologies ,component and tools we support the successful project implementation also we provide E2E project support with regular learning session to enable and transfer the learning experiences for the new technologies and academic material

   We support you to find an idea of your graduation project  
   We provide continues online consultancy till the project delivery  
   We provide web and database  hosting for Free upon the approval of your project  
   We  provide onsite courses and support tracks  
   We provide components and tools  
Below the Categories of the project we are sponsoring and providing consultations services  
    Main Project catalog  
                                                           Automation & interface projects

Enterprise& web Application projects

Systems Integration projects

  Andriod Open Applications
  SMS interfacing Applications
SCADA and industrial systems

  Home automation New

  Machine2Machine technology ( automotive, marketing, payment solution)
  IT services management
Monitoring systems
Social networks
  Enterprise mobility ( point of sales , onsite client management, )

  Micro-controllers programming


  Medical applications( clinic management) New

  GSM/3G/LTE Simulators

  Image processing systems

  IVR integration

  Network management solution New

  E2E Monitoring solution (for network services and application)


if you need further information's or if you have any question or inquiries please send us or call us +2-01008112235



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