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 Xlink CRM solution

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  • Very easy and simple to use

  • Free to very low cost

  • 24x7 free support and consultation

  • Incremental upgrade ,new functions every 3 months based on customer needs and requirements

  • (on demand support)

  • Easy for administration for enterprise use





Control and manage the sales activities and your resources utilization

Give you control over your sales representatives and clients activities ,monitor how your company following up your clients , remind you with important checkpoints with your clients , let you study and find the history of your clients and your activities

Processes quality and compliance

Gives you insight and statistics about the different clients status, find and response to your clients demand and urgent inquires ,show your clients that you do care ,knowing his history and what he needs

Online presences to get the actual and current status of different activities and clients

Be there all the time , do actions immediately and proactively communicate, less paper work, centralized location for your company activities, speed and simplify the way you used to work





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